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  • Fit Process

    Let us find the right shoe for your needs!

    Did you know there is a right kind of shoe for you? West Stride has an excellent, educated staff that has knowledge of the anatomy of foot and legs, common running injuries, and shoe technologies. We can help you find the right shoe for your foot type whether you are a seasoned running veteran, looking to just finish your first 5K, or work on your feet all day. Our free fit process is an 8-10 minute process.

    Your Background

    First, we will ask you a few questions about your activities, previous injuries, goals, and past shoe experiences. Figuring out your needs and learning about your history will help us decide the best shoe options from our large selection.


    Your Analysis

    Next, we'll have you remove your shoes and socks so we can analyze your specific foot features. We utilize the latest in 3D foot scanning technology via the Aetrex Albert 2 Pro foot scanner. This machine does a foot scan that will measure foot size, identify pressure points, and provide a dynamic gait analysis that maps your pressure distribution while walking. After your scan, we will bring out an initial test shoe to establish your shoe size and watch you in motion, looking at your gait and foot strike. We have shoes for anybody that fits a youth size 1 up to a men's size 15, as well as wide and extra wide shoes.

    Your Selection

    Based on the findings from your background, foot scan and gait analysis, we'll bring out several different shoe options that will be best for your specific needs. As you try on each pair, we'll have you walk or run in the store. We will explain the different technologies, discuss why certain shoes will work better for you, and make sure you have the right size. We'll have you compare different options and give us feedback on what is the most comfortable shoe for you.


    Additional Enhancements

    Once you choose your preferred shoe, we will discuss options to fine-tune your fit, including discussing supportive insoles and performance socks. We'll also show you any apparel or accessories that might be beneficial based on your goals and activities. We want you to leave happy, comfortable, and ready to conquer your next walk, race, or day at work!


    Sports Bra Fittings

    Most women have not been properly fitted in their regular bra, much less their sports bra. The correct sports bra is the second most important piece of equipment for the active woman. West Stride utilizes a specific sports bra measuring process. Similar to our shoe fitting process, we take measurements and analyze your needs, then provide you with options to try in the privacy of a dressing room. It's our goal to find a supportive sports bra for every shape and size! We have bras that fit anybody with a AAA to a F cup.

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