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    Jan 1st 12:00 AM EST
    Frozen Feet Begins
    Frozen Feet Challenge 2024 is here! January 1, 2024 - January 31, 2024 Welcome to the 2024 Frozen Feet Challenge sponsored by adidas! Let’s MOVE OUTSIDE during the coldest part of the year with us. YOU are one of 1,000+ participants that will challenge yourselves to building a healthy habit this winter. We challenge you to achieve the FULL 4 week streak. Beginning on Monday, January 1, we're challenging you to walk, hike, or run one mile (or more) every day OUTSIDE for 4 weeks! Commit to "Stride January" with West Stride and adidas! How does it work? Each day, you complete at least one mile outside - walk, run, jog, crawl. Just get outside and move! Then, log your completed miles on the registration site. It's best to log your miles each day so you don't get behind! But you can also do it at the end of each week. (Please note, you must manually enter your results, the site will not import or sync info from external apps or devices, but you can upload a GPX, FIT, or TCX file directly.) The Frozen Feet Challenge uses the honor system, please record only daily miles completed. Need more incentive? Complete the challenge and claim your finisher's prize - an insulated cup and finisher's sticker! We'll complete the final mile at our Scofflaw Stride on January 31st, where you can end Stride January with local brews and claim your finisher's prize. Please note: If you are registering someone other than yourself, make sure that you input THEIR email address so they can log their miles easily, and they get updates from us. HOW TO LOG YOUR MILES: Head to the Frozen Feet registration page. You may need to login to your Run Sign Up account if you aren’t already logged in. From there, click the “results” tab and follow the prompts from there. (Remember to enter miles and not steps!)
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