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    Upcoming Events
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    Apr 27th 09:00 AM EDT
    Divas in Defense
    Divas in Defense's Introduction to Basic Self-Defense is a one-hour dynamic session educating women on the basics of safety and how to protect and arm ourselves. During the class, we will learn the ABCs of self-defense: Awareness, Boundary Setting, and Confidence Building.  This event is perfect for girls and women of all ages who are: solo runners or walkers, upcoming high school graduates heading to new locations, trail enthusiasts, and anyone wanting to learn how to defend herself in a physical altercation.  West Stride is partnering with ASICS to bring you this event for FREE! However, spots are limited and registration is required for attendance. Don't miss this chance to invest in your safety and well-being! Sign up today and stride confidently into a safer future.

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